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March 13, 2013 Wednesday Evening's 1st Hour) At 6:44 P.M.

Tiger Cashtorway and Amaria Fox Pirates Of The Sea Of Dreams

Author/Alined/Developed an Produced/Directed/Written By Joshua Morris

Tiger Cashtorway and Amaria Fox Pirates Of The Sea Of Dreams Copyrighted By Auczora King Joshua Holy /A.E.S.O.P. Conservative Animation Ministeries 2013.

Chapter 1 - Memories From Your Past Can Cut Like A Double Eged Sword

Page 1 -

As The Last part of The Evening Takes It's Course towards Night,The Colours in the Sky Cast it's Red and Orange an Blueish dark,Purpleish Glare Upon The Pirate Tiger Cashtorway an his Ship Domanie Ressurected ,whom Cashtorway Named after his Departed Wife that Died at the Hands Of his British Adversaries that Sank His 1st Ship.

Named After his Former Wife Domanie Fox, on A Night so Long Ago at A Time Tiger Chastorway Dare to not Want to Remember Let Along Think Upon,Going Back to What Made Him Feel he was now Half A Pirate an Half a Man Living an Half A Spirit Soaring.

Meals Now Bearlly our Eaten an Drink Bearlly Drank by The Great an Revered Pirate Tiger Chastorway,Since that Night His Angel Returned Back To Heaven,After Pulling His Beloved and Very Reason After God/Jesus for Exsiting an Breathing an Living Everyday to It's Fullest an Abundance Up On The Shores,an Having his Doctor Do All he Could do,but it was of no use.

the Water Consume Her and The Lashing She Took From her Cousins an the Inprisonment of the British Empire,that she was once part of,but After Marrying The Abominationable an Sin Spawn From Satan Himself He The Pirate Tiger Chastorway,they Considered an Contitutionalized Fox Domanie A Trader an Enemy to The King and Queen of England an it's Armies .

But Now Since her Death The Dream Of Life an Vision Of The Greater Heaven of Paradise was Forever Burned an It's Ashes Cast About In The Shadows upon the Sunsets Seas Carried Upon The Shores Into the Darkest Night.  Ever Night Now Seem To Be A Night Of Continual Darkness with Heardlly no light Coming In To Tiger Chastorway,Do to that Death that seem to Suddendlly Come Upon him Parting Forever him From His Spirit/Heart That Fox Domaine Held Chastor Attain an Have Gave Her.

From the Distance coming Close an more Near,Tiger Chastorway's Friend Ruamond puts his Hand on Tiger Chastorways Shoulder that Abruptlly brings Chastorway back to The Reality of Present.

Tiger Chastorway tries to Rub the Tears starting to make there way down his eyes away,before his Friend an Adopted Brother of Spirit an Pirate Brotherhood sees them. but it is to no success as already Pirate an 1st Mate to the Captain Ruamond catching yet again his Friend Being Slowlly Killed by His Departed Wife's Death an Loss.

Page 2 -

Raumond says in Bold but Compassionate tone. Tiger Chastorway why must you keep doing this to Yourself,must you Die While Living Day in an Day out,TELL ME for everyday Your Love Domaine is Gone must you not Eat an Drink an Live an Survive an Leave Her Portion,DOMANIE FOX Would not "WANT THIS" an "I KNOW" this to be "TRUE an "GOSPEL" an "ALL" That's "HOLY" Before God/Jesus an the Angels an the 1 Prophetess an Earthlly Angel of Yours, Domanie Fox that Looks down from Above An Wants you To Move on From Her an Ressurrect Her more than Just through A Ship but Through you "NOW LIVING!!!" an GOING on "FOR HER",An "LOVING" an "LETTING Some other "WOMAN" "LOVE YOU","NEED YOU" With The Love an Care She Started with you Chastorway, Now Continuing Her Love an Care through "ANOTHER WOMAN".

Turning an Pulling his Friend an 1st Mates Hand off his Arm he was Cluching,to get his Point Through to Tiger Chastorway,Chastorway Pulls Away an Turn His Face From His Friend,Tiger Chastorway says I Wont an Never Shall LOVE Again an NEED a WOMAN AGAIN,to Face that Same ACHING an Continually GRIVING in the Night an Pain an Hurtful Hours Closing into One Another with each Moment Crushing My Spirit an Clapsing My Heart Lower than HELL itself an Eating From A Place of "DAMNING" an Drinking in "HELL!!!"

Without A Voice an Touch of the Woman I Wanted to Spend Always an Eternity With,The Endless Nightmares an Awaking In The Night Wanting Domanie there So,Awaking in The Morning Thinking an Believe that She will still be there Beside Me,or that She is in The Garden,Making Breakfest in the Kitchen,Commanding The Ship an My Men, Reigning as My an Your Queen in Our Island Kingdom Of Narrouwem. An Never Again Seeing an Hearing Her Again. I Will Never Be Able to do "ALL" Of What You "Compell" an our Trying to Sway me to Do.

I Can Not an I Wont. Even if from Heaven I Brake an Ache Sorelly an Grive Deeply God/Jesus an The Holy Prophets an Holy Angels an My Darlian an Love Domanie Spirit/Heart. I Have Made My Spirit an Heart an Mind Up to NEVER LOVE an NEED Anyone Woman After My 1st Wife an Only Wife Domanie Fox.

Ruamond Wolf Taking no for "TREASON" an "DISPAIR" from His Captain Reaches out to GRAB His Captain an Friend an Brother Tiger Chastorway From his Back Collar Pulling Him in Love but in Correction Back Towards Him,Now in His Captains Tiger Cashtorways  Face Ruamond Fearing Greatlly what "The Nightmare Of The Seas" could do for this "Act of Munity" in "Attacking an Assulting" with Slight Action an Words His Captain Tiger Cashtorway, speaks Stronger to his Friend with Uplifted Speech an Imdepth Statement to the Act an Cause Of Curing his Friend from his CHAINS an SELF EXECUTION an "ANARCY" OF His Continual ATTACKS an ASSULTS  AGAINST his SPIRIT an HEART an LIFE an BODY.

Page 3 -

Ruamond says In the FACE on his Friend Castorway Holding his Captain by the Neck Collar in the Front of him, Why dont you JUST ADMIT DEFEAT On Your NEXT Love an Life an Spirit Ressurection THEN,AN BY DOING THAT YOU'LL AFFIRM an PROVE to Me an All of US YOUR MEN an Your Outcast British Tigers that YOUR NOT "THE FEAR IN ALL MAN'S SPIRITS" an HEARTS" an MINDS,That YOUR NOT the MAN THAT LAWS SHAKING IN THE SOULS an LIVES Of All Nations.

Because If You FEAR TO BE MORE of What you Refuse To Be after 1 DEFEAT an 1 BLOWBACK Of A Death Of Love,An Not Bring to Life Another Chance at Love an Chance an Take The Dance For Spirit an Life For The Sweet or Rough Action an Move it Goes.

then "YOUR A GREAT LIE" an "FLASEHOOD" an "MISDIRECTION" an "ABSTRUCTION" From Your Own "LAW" an "FAITH" an "TRUST" an "LOVE an MERCY an GRACE" you "APPLIED" an "IMPARTED" Upon Our "SPIRITS" an  "HEARTS" an "MINDS" To Us Your Family an Your Sons and Daughters an "THE BRITISH" an "SPANISH" an "FRENCH" an "ASIAN" an "RUSSIAN" an "AMERICAN" "an the World Empires" LONG AGO!!!.

I Love You My Captain my Friend my Brother an Father. Please Repent From This Maddness an Comtempt to Take Life's Next Step an Loves Next Hand. Go With Us Tonight To The Pearlbasson Shore an Visit Your Old Friends an Your Old Family,an... Raumond Wolf pauses as he Knows he has said to much that Could make His Captain Kill Him Where he Stands Already For Braking Every LAW in The Respect an Treatment an Action Taken Against YOUR Captain Abord His Ship on Sea or On Land.

but Ruamond Wolf Risking More Anger from his Captain says one more word. Captain an Friend I was going to Finish by Saying that Domanie Fox's Sister Lady Amaria Fox Misses you an it's Been Years since you went to See Her,not since Domanie Fox your Wife an Beloveds Burral At Sea.

You Know Lady Amaria Fox Has Only you Now to Rely on,An with All Do Respect Captain my Friend,Lady Amaria Needs you to Continue on Her Sisters Love an be That Part of Her Family an Friend She No Longer has.

Why Dont You Think at What your Really Doing for A Moment To Others,an You'll Attain an See it is not Just You Aching an Griving an Dying In Your Spirit and Heart and Life Day an Night,Hour in An Out Upon every Sunrise to Sunset and Moonrise to Moonset. But it is Others As Well.

Please Be Reasonable an come an join us in RETURNING BACK TO LIFE an SURVIVAL an LOVE an LIVING an Come Back among the Breathing in of Spirit Life an Nature an Come out of the Shadows an Into the Light Once More my Friend,My Captain,My Brother an also My Father an the Father of This Crew of Yours Tiger Cashtorway.

Page 4 -

Tiger Cashtorway Was Moved to Tears an Small Mournings by his Friends Words that Anger Seem to Escape Him,that usually never does,as him an his Pirate Friend an Brother Have had some Hellfire of A Fights in the Past,that mostlly Tiger Cashtorway would Make Sure he WOULD Win or Call it A Truse.

but this time it was Not like that at all,But much Needed as it Snap him Out of it to Know his Friend Ruamond Wolf "WOULD GO THAT STRONG" an "DEEP" to Shake Up an Get the "ALARMS" to "SOUND" Off Among his Spirit an Heart of What he was Doing for 4 Years an 7 months to Himself.

an by that to Others Have to Ache an Grive an Suffer To,by Him Shutting them out of his Spirit an Heart an Life. But Now No Longer Tiger Cashtorway Took the Saying Of Right Holy Anger an Redeeming Message to his Spirit an Heart an Mind.  

Tiger Cashtorway Moves Closer to his Friend Ruamond an Puts his arm Around his Shoulder falling Slightlly into it says Im Sorry I Never Knew what I Was Doing to You an my Men an my Family an Friends an Domanie Fox Cousin Lady Amaria Fox, I WAS "A GREAT FOOL" an "DUMB ASS" an Such "A MISGUIDED MISFIT" But no More I Will Live For Atleast You an My Men an My Family an Friends,an be All I Can the Continuing Love an Life of My Dearlly Beloved Domanie Fox's Sister Lady Amaria Fox.

Starting Now in this Very Hour. But still I Just Cant Love Another Woman Again,That Is Where I Draw the Line My Friend an Brother Ruamond Wolf. Dont Hold that Against Me,Hard as that might Be for you an my Men.

Ruamond Wolf Looking Down An Slightlly Angry Let's Out So Strong A Breath an Sigh Agrees to It,even though he Prefers his Friend to Try Again an Love Another Woman to Continue On the Love of His Little Sister Lady Domanie Fox. Though in Time He Knows His Captain an Friend an Brother Tiger Cashtorway Will See in the Long Run He Was Right an That He was So Wrong an Off Course With His Thinking and Emotions.

Late at 11:07 P.M. That Night, The Domanie Resurrected Ship Sails To Pearlbasson An Tiger Chastorway Watches from The Ships Deck as Ruamond Wolf The Ships 1st Mate to The Captain Sails Her Into Port,Though Tiger Chastorway's Steps at 1st Our Shacky he Quicklly Lets his "INNERMAN" "GAIN BALANCE" an  "CONTROL" To Go Up to The Grand Masteryonzm Manor were His Past Wives an Loves Remaining Family our,.

Ruamond an the others Crew Members Catch up to Tiger Chastorway Almost Completelly Now up to the Manor Stairs an Head Up to the Door is where they meet,an Tiger Castorway Their Captain an All his Men Knock on the Door.

Where Lady Domanie's Father Sir General Franklant an Her Sister Lady Amaria Our the 1's to Greet an Welcome them In A Unexpected Surprize to See Tiger Cashtorway with them an Sorta Smiling as His Men Go inside an Our Seated an Tiger Chastorway is Lead to Have A Seat by Lady Amaria Fox.

Lady Domanie's Fox Sister Has her Hand Kissed by Tiger Cashtorway,as Lady Amaria with Tears an Happiness Glad to See Tiger Cashtorway Again,After 4 Years an A Half Gives Tiger Cashtorway A Sisterlly Hug that Tiger Chastorway Takes but Draws Back From Hugging Her,only Just Putting his Hand Around her Shoulder an Patting Her Back,then Setting Back on the Couch Joins his Crew in Conversation Already Started.

Page 5 -

As Tiger Castorway Leans Forward an Pours him an His 1st Mate a Drink Of Cranberry Apple Untoxicated Wine,an Handing it To His 1st Mate, he then Pouring Some for Lady Amaria Fox an Domanie's Father Sir General Franklant,an passing it to them Tiger Cashtorway Taking A Sip of The Cranberry Apple Untoxicated Wine says to Amaria Fox.

so You still Dream of Wanting to Be A Pirate an Sailing The Seas to the Earth Ends I Assume,You Have Not Changed your Sights on that then Amaria Fox. I'll tell you it is A Rough an Sacrificing task my Friend an sister.

Amaria Fox Pulling the Sword from Tiger Chashtorways's Statch An Dueling The Air in the Middle of the Huge Living Room,then Putting it Back in the Statch of Tiger Cashtorway,Saying then to Tiger Cashtorway an his Men, I Think that is All the Affirming Proof You Need to Know I Have Not Changed My Spirit an Heart an Mind that is Made Up On The Subject an Matter.

Ruamond Wolf Raising His Eye Brows then Laughing Partlly, in Replying says So I Take That For A Yhea! then Lady Amaria Fox,You Our The Refelecting Mirrior Image of Your 1st Sister Lady Domanie Fox ,I Know How you 2 were Alike Alot,An the Best of Friends at that,you were Mostlly Insepreatable when you were young. that was before She Married My Captain an our Friend Tiger Castorway.

Lady Amaria Fox Sipping Her Cranberry Apple Wine Walks a few Paces Places the Cup down on A Near By Table,an picks up A Picture With her Sister Domanie an Her in it, an Mourns alittle Holding the Picture Close to her Heart. streaming down A few tears,then puts it back down. Lady Amaria then says that she will be back in A While to the others,but Ruamond Wolf Knowing far more better than that Follows Lady Amaria Fox,up the Stairs an Up to Her Room,that her an Her Sister Shared.

The Room was Not to Over Fansy but Modest at Best,with Some Modern but Fine Desks an Tables an Red,Purple Draps an Linings across the Walls,with Pictures of Her an her Sister an Their Mom an Dad in them an The Wedding Pictures of Tiger Cashtorway an his Bride Lady Domanie some with the Crew Gathered Around in them.

The Beds in the Room our Classy an Rich with Some Soft Scarlet an Blue an Purple an Pink an Emerald Green Slik an Modren Blankets an Silk an Modren Sheets. Vases On The Wall Have Roses an Tulips Together Along the Wall.

Lady Amaria Fox Leans against the Wall in Her Room, Sliding her Back Down the Wall an Leans her Head down while falling. in just seconds after she had done this Ruamond Wolf that has always seen Lady Amaria Fox Like his Other Little Sister the same as he Did with her Older an 1st sister Lady Domanie Fox Deceased Wife of His Father Figure an Captain, Friend Tiger Cashtorway,came into the Room after Knocking to make sure she was Covered an Desent 1st.

Ruamond Wolf speaking says, Can I Come in an Talk with you My Little Sister Amaria. I Believe you really need to get something out,an I know what that something is,come on now little sis,You cant Cover up your Feelings with me. Amaria Fox Looking up Gives Promission for her Little Brother to Enter Further in the Room,as already Ruamond seen with the Door Open halfway that Amaria was Leaning Against the Wall, an Fully Clothed in.

Page 6 -

Ruamond Wolf comes in an Sits on Her bed an Placing his hands in Concern fashion an manner with 1 hand across his Arm,Speaks with Amaria Fox now Attaining an Listening from the Wall Seeing eye to eye Ruamond Wolf. Ruamond Wolf Proceeding on to Discuss more says to Amaria Fox,You Remember your Sister Domanie's Last  Request if she ever was to Die on The Seas an Land right,Is it SO UNJUST that you FEEL it to be Stealing Away Some of the Love an Life an Breath an Moments That Could of Been Your Sister's Domanie Foxes with Tiger Cashtorway?

"GOD" an His Holy Son "JESUS"  in Heaven I Dont "UNDERSTAND" an Can Not "PERCIEVE" you Amaria an My Captain Pirate Cashtorway ,Truelly you Both our Alike My Friend an Captain Feels He Should not Love Again After His 1st wife an You Feel You Our Not Acceptable to Love the One Your Sister Loved.

An I Know You Do Love Him,But will you Ever Say You Love Him ,an Then Mean It, an not just Always Tell Me about it, no you an him will Go Along an Just Forever "BANISH" an "OUTLAW" into EXSILE The 1 JOY and GREAT HAPPINESS an PEACE of REST an CONTENTMENT an "ASSURITY" you both So Dearlly Need an Want,though you both our Affraid an So Scared to Admit it to Yourselves.

Amaria Fox Sighing an Turning her Eyes Partlly Downward on the Right of her then Says,Yes I Love Tiger Chastorway but I Feel He Could an Would not Want to Love me,an Your Right I Think an Believe I dont have that Allowance an Right to Love so soon Atleast in All Openess My Departed Loving Sister's Lady Domanie Foxes Husband so soon after Her Death, Reguardless of my Sister's Last Prayers an Request an wishes she Told me in Person an Wrote in A Covenant an Oath we Agreed to in her Diary when she was 1st Engadged to Our Love an Friend Pirate Captain Tiger Cashtorway.

I Never would of Dreamed an Prayered that the Day would ever Come that My Sister would Die So I could have Her Husband That I Achinglly an Grivinglly an Truelly an Most Surelly Have "LOVED" an "CARED FOR"  While My Sister Lived an While now She Had Died.

I Never Held My Sister Domanie Winning the Love of the 1 I Loved Secretlly Against her,I Loved my Sister to Much for that to be something of Anger an Rage ever to be Attain an Felt Between her an Me.

Now I am Moved to Believe that God an Jesus Against my Convictions an Sincerity an Love For my 1st Sister Lady Domanie Fox, Dealt The Blow an Stuck The Sword Against what He Wanted that I Never Thought was Suppose to be Between The Love I Loved in Silence, An The Tears I Cried In Darkness of Many Latenights an Early Morning Sunrises an Last of the Day Sunsets.

Now making the Ghosts an Spirits an Angels come back to Haunt me For Not Acclaiming an Claiming What God an Jesus Saw Needed an Mapped Out to be Planned an Actioned On an Moved in.

Page 7 -

This is The Cost I Had Due,An The Price We All Have to Pay Because of My Sin an Great Abomination,of Putting My Sister's Domanie's Love Above What God/Jesus Purposed From The Start. an that is....

Ruamond Wolf gets up from Sitting on Her Bed Expressing with his Hand in Uprise Manner towards Amaria's Way to Admit the Truth so Needed an Wanted to Come to the Surface for soon long.

Ruamond Wolf says Go On This is Something I Have Always Attain an Known you would come to terms with soon enough,God an Jesus an your 1st Sister from Heaven Lady Domanie Fox have Told me in my Prayer Closet an other Prayer Times, an this is that "TIME" an very "AGE" it must Grow forth from the Seed of Truth an Rain of Honesty an Sun of Atonement,those next Sayings an Words our the Very Fruits that Have come to be My Little Sister Amaria.

Say them Now an Ever Be Free of your Guilt an Shame an Discontentment an Apartivness to You an Yourself an Your Older Sister Domanie Fox.

By This Time it Was Already Morning here in Pearlbasson, As The Sun Comes up In The Latenight Hours of 1:00 A.M. in this part of the World where Lady Amaria Fox an her Family Live.

the Morning of Dawns Sunlight was Streaming through the Windows an Onto The Room an the Floor an Gradully on Both Ruamond an Amaria.

As they Spend the Last Moments Waiting for 1 of Them to Get An Answer to there Questions as to Why there Here at this Place in their Spirit an Heart an Life Now, an The Plan of God/Jesus that Put them in this place to See What his greater Plan an work in Their Spirit an Life Was an Where it Needs to Go from Here.

Lady Amaria Gave no word Just Bowed to Ruamond Wolf an then Saying Thank you for this Conversation,I'll Give it Some More Asentive Thought,an then Excussed hereself from the Room.

Going back down stairs to Prepair Breakfast an then Command her an her Fathers Men an Women she was over to do there Duties an Calls an Allegences in the Manor an At Arms of the Defence Outside,in Guarding the Manor.

Leaving Ruamond Wolf Sitting on her Bed upstairs All Alone,unhappy with Amaria not Saying what he'd Hope an Pray She would have.

After Believing This Within Himself About Lady Amaria, Ruamond Wolf Leaves Amaria's Room an Goes Down Stairs with the Rest an Joins in The Breakfast Being Set Down on The Table By The Maids an Chefs in The Great Dinning Hall of the Manor.

The Time Was now 3:24 A.M. with The Morning Sun Half Way Quater High in the Sky, In The Dinning Hall, Ruamond Wolf Pats The Shoulder of His Captain an friend Tiger Chasterway,an Pulls him Aside to tell him of The Matters he Kept Consealed until Now,on the Great War an Undoings Going on Against Pearlbasson.

Ruamond Speaks in Heavy an worried Tone saying to Tiger Chasterway,these People dont have A chance of a Stone throw Against The Tyrannt King Geralodo's Iron Arm an Massive army at his Command in the North an South Tiger Chasterway,I Know in my Spirit/Heart that you Feel this to, an that you Will Alliance with Pearlbasson's King Markuis that is also Your Friend that Pardoned you long ago,Clearing Your Name To Give you an Us Total Amnesty to Still Sail The Seas an Do Right for Those Bondage Down People, that They did Wrong an Unjust.

Tiger Chasterway Putting his Hand on His 1st Mate an Friends Ruamond Wolfs Shoulds Says I Am As You Say,I Plan on Assisting an Carrying Theses People Through,Leading My Strength an Might Of My Ships an Pirate Armies an My Allies an Friends Authority an Command.

To Protect an Avenge an Defend them "ALL",when it Comes We Will be Ready,an Those that Stand in Pearlbasson's Area an Way Will Never Attain/Know what has Overcome an Befalling Upon them On that Day in That Hour God/Jesus Will it to Be So.

Chapter 2 - Those Our The Unexpected Ones, Raising Up A Uncommon Needed Alliance For Our Situtation- Tiger Cashtorway and Amaria Fox Pirates Of The Sea Of Dreams

August 25, 2013 Sunday At 10:19 P.M. Night's 2nd Hour

Tiger Cashtorway and Amaria Fox Pirates Of The Sea Of Dreams

Chapter 2 - Those Our The Unexpected Ones, Raising Up A
Uncommon Needed Alliance For Our Situtation

Story/Script/Screenplay By Joshua Morris

Page 9 -

Tiger Chasterway goes over to the Bookcase an Finds A Book of Maps an Civilations an Uncommon Alliances an Explainless Packs.

Tiger Casterway says to his friend an 1st Mate Raumond Wolf: that book here Accords/Records How Adversary Kings an Queens became Friends out of A Enemy that Came up Against them both causing A Out of no were Alliance an Friendship an Bond an Great Ties.

Page 10 -

Raumond Wolf comes into the Study/Planning an War Room an going over to the otherside of the Bookcase an Leaning Against it Says To his Friend/Captain.

That's all find an dandy but once Our King finds out its you that He would have to turn to,He would rather go down with his Empire having his Final Act as King be with A Rope around your an our Necks.

Tiger Casterway closing the Adversary/of Alliances book slightlly in his hand says While Lady Amaria Fox joins them from the otherside of the room an then setting down in a Chair.

Page 11 -

Tiger Casterway continues speaking saying, Once our King is Given The Moment of Truth Staring in Him an at His Face.

an the only way Into The Brightest Light,an Out from The Darkest Night is to Take The Narrow Road on Down A Beaten Path.

he on that Day will Choose Heaven With Us,Rather than Hell on the other Shores coming up Against him "ALL SIDES".

Lady Amaria Fox stands up getting out her Chair an Raising her Hands up an down Expressing what she is Agreeing with What Tiger Casterway is Saying.

Page 12 -

Lady Amaria Fox says Tiger Casterway's Right.

I Know Tiger Casterway Is Discerning out what our King will do when he has no Choice left, on that Day his Enemies Encamp around him on All Sides.

Tiger Casterway steps up to Lady Amaria Fox an Placing his
Hands on Both Her Shoulders,showing he Appreaicated/Grateful for her Support an Command At His Arm as A Crew Mate of his.

Page 13 -

Tiger Casterway says To Amaria Fox,Your now Part of my Crew an you will now be my Co. Captain in Acclaim/Honour to Your Sister Lady Dominae Fox an in Acclaim/Honour an Salute to you Amaria Fox.

The Reason I Chose you for this Alertive/Dangerous Appointee/Postion as Co.Captain Amaria Fox,is your Ability an Standard An Class to Handeling your own Ship an Crewmen at your Authority/Command an also your Father's Army.

you Our Very Skilled an Learned with the Swords Blade an Steadfast with Gunning the Cannons an Charting the Sails an taking Charge.

Page 14 -

even besting your Sister Dominae Fox in many Areas an
Places she came up Short,that she when she was Alive Admited to me About you herself,their is no Better an none Greater she would used to say.

Lady Amaria Fox Sheds a few Tears she wipes away from her Eyes while saying, really my Sister Dominae Fox said that.

I Never knew She Thought me to be Advanced in certain things an skills at Crewmenship an Authorizing/Commanding A Ship an Shipmates/ Crewmen/Crewwomen an my Ability with the Swords Blade as well,Tiger Casterway.

Page 15 -

Tiger Casterway goes over an Kisses Amaria Fox on the side of her check,to Comfort her from missing her Sister Dominae so.

Tiger Casterway Repiles to Amaria Fox whe'll your Sister/My
Former Wife thought the World an Heaven for you,as we All Do Amaria Fox.

Chapter 2 Part 2 of - Tiger Casterway an Amaria Fox Pirates Of The Sea Of Dreams Coming Later...
Tiger Cashtorway/ Amaria Fox Pirates/Sea Of Dreams
My Sneek Peak of My Up an Coming Novel an Animated Tv Movie/Cartoon Series Auczora King Joshua Holy /A.E.S.O.P. Conservative Animation Ministeries - Tiger Cashtorway and Amaria Fox Pirates Of The Sea Of Dreams Copyrighted Auczora King Joshua Holy /A.E.S.O.P. Conservative Animation Ministeries 2013. I pray an Hope you Enjoy it!. it will be A Reality soon enough on Dvd an Tv someday. God/Jesus Love/Bless/Aid/Lead - Joshua Morris - KJA
Sandokan Loved/Touched On Clothed Chest By Mariana by ArchAngel35978
Sandokan Loved/Touched On Clothed Chest By Mariana
This is SandokanxMariana from SANDOKAN The Animated Series (1992-1993) Im Acclaim and Saluting an Praising Their Love an Coupleship and Marriage as A Male British Tiger and Female Fawn-Half Fox Animorphic Inter-Species Couple/ONLY an "1ST Married Couple" "TO THIS DAY" in 1992- 2013.

Now as well here for "ALL" to Attain/See. Download/Save If you Support/Approve the Action/Cause an Movement/Revolution for more Love and Married Coupleships Of Animorphic Inter-Species of Different Animal Kinds On Tv and in Theathers, Comics, Books Holding None of The Open Love and Affection,Aching and Griving an Sacrifice an Even Sometimes Almost Giving their Life an then Ressurection At Times with Drama and Spirit In All Episodes Attain/Shown/All Animated Films ect. "BACK From It Happening".

Attain/Show in The Majority from Walt Disney to Warner Bros. Television/Feature Animation to Pixar Animation /Dreamworks Animation to Fox Animation an Porchlight Animation an Tom Ruegger Animation productions an Universal/Mgm ect. An Let Them All Attain/Know "ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!" An THAT YOU'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE!!!"

with the Discrimination an Segregation of Sepreate But Equal an "Jim Crow" Go Sit In The Back Of The Bus Attituded an Attack/Assult By Animation Concepters an Developers/Producers/Directors/Writers/Animators ect. in Animation Studios and Animation Book/Comic Publishing "TOWARDS" an "AT" Animorphic Inter-Species Male Beast Cats/Female Beasts Dogs an Vise Versa.

From Male Tigers/Female Foxes/Male Lepards/Female Wolves/ Male Cougars/Female Coyotes/Male Lynx/Female Jackels an Vise Versa, From Loving/Affectionating and Become Couples/Engadged Couples an Married Couples ect. with one Another on Tv/in Theathers on Dtds an in Publishing, like there Counter parts Same-Species Couples Can an always could do on Tv an in Theathers an Comics an Books.

God/Jesus Love/Bless/Aid/Lead you an your Families and Love Ones you Hold Dear/Near an Close. Joshua Morris - KJA

Copyright BRB International 1992.
Tyrannticus Tiger Aching and Sad Pic 9376 by ArchAngel35978
Tyrannticus Tiger Aching and Sad Pic 9376
This Was Just 1 Of The many Aching/Griving Sad Faces Animalia Gave Tyrannticus Tiger from all The Actions they Did to Keep Tyrannticus Tiger and Fushisa Fox apart from Becoming A Open Couple on Animalia.

Truelly Animalia Was 1 Of The WORST ACTIONS/DISPLAYS Of Anti-Animorphic Inter-Species Coupleship I EVER ATTAIN/SEEN IN A CARTOON SERIES My WHOLE LIFE.

I Am Annoucing/Showing My Approval/Support/Cause/Revolution/Movement By Posting this Pic Here on Deviant art. an it is to Test the Waters to See how many Woman (mainlly Latinos an Indian/International meaning French,Russian,Italian,Spanish ect.) Women Hated the Way Tyrannticus Tiger was treated in Animalia. by the Concepters Graeme Base/Ewan Burnett/ect. Being That Zeo Was A Latino Charater in Animalia as the ONLY 1 to ACCEPT TYrannticus Tiger as he WAS without Change 1st.

An I Still Cant Believe that Pro- Animorphic Inter-Species Coupleship Veterns Tom Rugger/John MCcann that was the Founding Fathers of Putting HamtonXFifi Together in Tiny Toons, Took Part in This Anti- Animorphic Inter-Species Open Love/Affection/Coupleship Cartoon ANIMALIA.

also In Animalia Look at the Way Tyrannticus Tiger was treated By The Animalians Including Fushisa Fox At Times,although it was just A Mask to coverup her Real true Feeling of Love for Her Boss Tyrannticus Tiger.

Copyright Graeme Base Enterprizes
/Burberry Studios ect. 2007

God/Jesus Love/Bless/Keep/Aid/Lead you an yours you Love Always. Joshua Morris - KJA


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Current Residence: Pending... 445 1/2 Upper RED LIKE BARN apt. After Biglots/Rite Aid turn on Left on Sandridge/then Right on South Church St. Bowling Green Ohio 43402/Cell 419-560-0076 For My AUCZORA -KJA/ A.E.S.O.P. Animation Conservative Ministery an also is the Number you can reach me for My 1st Alastest Conservative Animation News Right Now! for any Ancoring/Reportings/Interviews/Announcements/Info/News I might have an Concepts/Pitches you might have,If You want Any Distributation,Productioning,Presenting of your Conservative Cartoon Series/Animated Films. or for Cartoon Couple Counseling. or just to talk an get encouragement an upliftment of Spirit/Heart.

Favourite genre of music: Love Songs/Heartbrake Songs/ Soft Rock,Soft Pop,Classic Bands of the 1970's an 1980's

MP3 player of choice: Walman,Mp3 Phillip

Favourite cartoon character: SandokanXMariana/SonicxSally/AntionexBunnie/ChipXGadget/DalexFoxglove/BalooXRebecca/DarkWingDuckxMorgana/Golieth/Elisa/Buzz LightyearxMira Nova/MiloxAudrey/BonkersXFawn/
Tyrannticus TigerxFushisa Fox/DuddlyxKitty/
ArrowexPiper/FinnxMaster Cyclonis/NickxJudy/EppxGuy ect.

Personal Quote: Pr. J.F.K./Some Men See Things As They Our An Say Why,I Dream Things That Never Were An Say Why Not!
Thanks for the Home/Family you open up to me Mom.

November 16, 2013 Sunday At 7:07 P.M. Evening's 2nd Hour

I Can now see your on the Move Mom in heaven to Open Up this Neighborhood Here in Sandridge/Church St. to Seek out the New Mother.

as I Thank you so much for My Neighbor Keykey (sorry if I did not spell that right) that is The Key an The Door Your Using after Brenda Being the Main Key To The Main Door to Lead to Keyke The Neighborhood Key an Neighborhood Door to Open up the Neighborhood to Lead to the New Mother somewhere around here.

as I am fully aware of Also the Spirit of you New Mother that's working with my Mother in Heaven TOGETHER to Search you out Among the Neighborhoods around here,

an then I will finally meet you. out of this Search an that time Draws near I will Meet you An I will Attain/Know I Am That Son an You Will Attain/Know Your That New Mother To Continue My 1st Mother's in Heaven's Love/Prophetesstic Ministery.

Only By God/Jesus an A Mother's who Love Never Left even From Heaven to See We Our Loved an Have Our Happy Ending.

An The Dream Comes True My Mother from Heaven has Prayed an Asked for.

May it be Before Thanksgiving. but if Not Thanksgiving than It Must be Before Christmas as I Can Not Take Another Christmas without you New Mother where ever you our around here. it wont be much Longer.  

God/Jesus Love/Bless/Aid/Lead you an yours you Hold/Dear/Near/Close. Joshua KJA

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BlueSonicGamer Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for watching, Bro. :hug:
ArchAngel35978 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
no problem> i realized before i never what added you Blue Sonic Gamer. an I already counted you as 1 of my friends to. I cant Believe I did not do that soon Blue Sonic gamer. have a good night God/Jesus Bless/Aid/Lead you an yours.
BlueSonicGamer Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry for replying so late. ^^;
No problem, I also count you already as one of my friends, too! ;-)
Have a good night, too and may God and Jesus and Holy Ghost Bless/Aid/Lead/Love/Protect you an yours. :heart::floating::heart:
shadowninja3 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the watch ! :hug:
ArchAngel35978 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
your welcome, glad to do that for you. shadowninja3. (respectful hug back) KJA - God/Jesus Bless an Peace on you an your household.
shadowninja3 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the blessing :pray: my family needs it ^^""
ArchAngel35978 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
anytime an I had no idea about your family needing that Blessing. God.Jesus had to show me that without me really knowing,that happens sometimes. anyways you have a Good day an I will keep you an your family an friends in my prayers always. shadowninja3. we all our in this together as Sally would say to Sonic. KJA -Joshua

God/Jesus continually Bless an give Peace onward in all your Life.
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BlueSonicGamer Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Maybe you could spread this message, please:
BlueSonicGamer Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for watching. :-)
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